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Changes in Digital Marketing this 2019

Online marketing is going to experience a significant change in 2019. The bad news is, people are not going to like most of the changes happening. We are not talking about changes from the competition standpoint. We already know that every year, digital marketing gets more competitive and a lot more expensive. 

That is already a given. If you can do your due diligence and research what is happening in the online marketing world, you will be surprised to know that Google’s annual revenue has been making a lot of money in the past years. If fact, Google didn’t have a down year.  

One of the reasons why we see changes in online marketing so much is because of the changes in technologies. Another reason is the internet is getting a little saturated. As of today, there are more or less 2 billion websites (active or inactive) on the internet. It means that there is one website for every four people in the world. If you think about it, that is pretty crazy. Do let us take a closer look at how digital marketing is going to change in 2019.

Search Engine Optimization will not look the same

We are starting with this one since we know people are going to hate this. Search Engine Optimization is beginning to move into the voice search direction. In 2018, two out of every five people used voice search application every day. In 2020, at least 50% of all online searches will be done using voice search application according to American media measurement and analytics company, ComScore, a company that provides marketing data and analytics to businesses. 

And it will not just be people who will be speaking into the microphone of their smartphones, laptops or desktop computers, at least 30% of internet browsing will not even take place on devices with screens. It means a lot of people will be using tools like Alexa or Google Home to look for the product or services that they want to buy or use. 

For example, if you’re going to search Contractor SEO Spartan, you do not need to visit their actual website.

All you need to do is talk to devices like Alexa or Google Home, and they will instantly answer your queries. We know people do not like this because every time there is an article about voice search, people do not really read them. 

It is one of the topics that Search Engine Optimization wish does not exist. You know the reason why? It is because being on page one does not matter when the voice search is used. Either Google pulls information from the websites, or they don’t. Another reason is, conversion from this application will be a lot lower because people will not go to websites personally. 

Google will just be giving people the answer to their queries. But instead of looking at this application as a bad thing, we can think of this way; people do not care about reading articles about it, it means a lot of Search Engine Optimization will not be prepared for it. Because of this, you will have a chance to take advantage of this technology and get ahead of your competitors. You can gobble up all the traffic before the internet shift to using voice search application.

Although it sounds a lot, it isn’t. Two years ago, there were thirteen updates and a year before that, there were eleven. In other words, search engines like Google have been averaging at least twelve updates every year. If you combined that with the confirmed and the unconfirmed updates, that is quite a lot. 

Let us take a closer look at older updates. On July 2015, Google released an update, the Panda 4.2. Experts knew that people hated the Panda update, but it was not too bad at all. Google got rid of all the spammy websites that have low-quality contents. Google did not want to rank sites that had a lot of 300-word post with duplicate contents. 

Could you blame search engines like Google for that? Another update was made by Google on September 2016, the Penguin update. If you create spammy links, Google will not just penalize your site; they will also devalue the links. It means that you did something that is violating Google’s terms of use like buying a lot of backlinks and Google caught you doing that. 

The links that you bought will be just devalued, making it useless, instead of banning your whole website. If you take a closer look at the latest algorithm updates, they are getting more complicated and it is getting harder and harder to beat. It is because the technology is evolving at an exponential rate.

Google does not need to look at the metrics like backlinks and content count to know if a website is doing well or not. They can look at the user metrics like:

Users are spending a lot of time on your website compared to other ranked sites on the search engine like google.

People are bouncing off your website and going back to Google’s listing page.

Increasing brand queries over time.

People do not see your site as a brand.

People find your website very appealing, in short, a higher click-through-rate.

To know more about backlinks, click here.

If you want to beat search engines like Google, you need to change your mindset. It is not about knowing and understanding Google; it is about knowing what the users want and needs. Google has only one goal in mind: rank websites that people love to visit at the top. It causes people to go back, keep using the search engine and increase their revenue.

If you put yourself in the consumer’s shoes, you will be better suited to do it. The first thing you need to do is to know when people perform a search for specific keywords or phrases; they are not just doing a search; they are looking for an answer to their questions. By knowing the intent of the consumer’s search, you will be more likely to solve their queries. Once you do that, you will be able to make the best possible experience, the best services and products that your target market deserves.

Reason You Need Warm Tile Installation

Whenever your feet get warm, the other part of your body feels comfortable. The warm tile system ensures the floor of the house has that cozy warmth to keep you enjoying the environment every moment. The system is easy and affordable to install and can be fixed by warm tile installation professionals – APT212.

Underfloor heating is a superb way to keep your house warm. It feels lovely when you walk on it as it distributes heat evenly in every corner of your house. More so, it sets your walls out of beams hence creating more space for shelf units, picture windows, and paintings. Besides, it permits you to form a minimalist look whenever you wish.

You can select either electrical underfloor heating also called dry system, or the water-based heating referred to as wet heating. Installation costs may differ enormously, depending on whether you are fixing the water-based or the electrical one. Another factor that affects is the number of rooms, new or old house, and your type of flooring.  

When cooling or heating using underfloor heating floor-integrated systems, they evenly distribute heat and guarantee a comfortable temperature every time, without dust clouds. You also gain from optimum utilization of energy resources, and you can accomplish more efficiency gains by using the heat pump and renewable energy sources. Building owners and architects appreciate these invisible options also when they are applied as a ceiling or wall heating. They permit the liberty to come up with spacious and creative interiors – APT212

Underfloor heating is an excellent alternative to hot-air heating methods or conventional radiators. Electrical in-floor heating offers warmth in the whole space, providing a whole new significance to heating and relaxation. Now you should get the ideal system for your venture, space, and flooring type. Originally, bathrooms were supposed to be fully functional, but currently, they are also used to unwind and even relax. Installing flooring heating comes with luxury if you wish to pamper yourself and carry away the glow off tiles onto a chilly morning. The place which is a private haven sets the tone while the day begins and when it ends. 

A night of good sleep in the night is determined by comfortable surroundings in which you truly relax. Fixing underfloor heating within your bedroom is an excellent way to improve relaxation to enhance the quality of sleep finally. Now you can make your sleeping room the coziest place in your house by installing underfloor heating – APT212. 

Sunrooms and living rooms are frequently the most social of spaces within your house; since they are the place, you have guests and spend some time with your family and friends. Having an underfloor heating system in the area accentuates the coziness and comfort of the space, making it a haven where you can relax. 

As the core of the house, our kitchen is the most-used space in the home and will need to have the ability to permit cooking, entertaining, and relaxing. Thus, underfloor heating is the best answer to your kitchen in that premium space. Presently, a lot of people are finding it incredibly comfortable to install underfloor heating systems to prevent the anger of cold winds along with the cold climate in the winter season. It has been realized that many people are currently installing the system in both old buildings and modern apartments – APT212.

4 Best Airtel 4G prepaid plans giving value for your money

Since the most-buzzed 4G launch in late 2018, telecom network providers have turned the whole prepaid and postpaid games. Now it’s not only about calling and SMS, but the 3G/ 4G data has also been added to these plans. While mobile users are being offered cheaper plans from various service providers, Airtel is truly focusing on customers’ needs. The result isa bouquet of Airtel 4G prepaid plans with each one fulfilling different needs.

Low-value monthly 4G data pack

The cheapest monthly Airtel 4G prepaid plan comes at Rs 199. The plan is ideal for users who enjoy low-normal data usage. Against the low amount of Rs 199, you enjoy 1.5 GB data/day for 28 days. As this is an unlimited pack, you don’t have to pay for calling. The plan offers unlimited free calling including incoming and outgoing roaming calls. You can also send free 100 local/national SMS per day.

1 GB data pack with extended validity

Another one from Airtel 4G unlimited packs, this plan comes with validity extended to 84 days. The plan offers free unlimited local and STD voice calls and local or national 100 SMS/day. For the value of Rs 399, you get to enjoy 1 GB data usage and uninterrupted streaming every day for 84 days.

Budget pack with 1GB+ data usage

Tired of daily data shortage and monthly prepaid recharge? Switch to this Airtel 4G prepaid plan with boost-up data and pack validity. For Rs 448 the plan offers 1.5 GB data/day for the period of 82 days. The plan also offers freebies of unlimited calling and free per day 100 SMS.

4G unlimited pack with 3 months validity

With per day 1.4 GB data for 3 months, this Airtel 4G prepaid plan at Rs 509 gives value for money. While the plan offers similar freebies to that of other plans, it also diminishes your monthly recharge need. You can enjoy unhinged calling, chatting, streaming, and browsing for 90 days straight.

New booster packs by Airtel

While 4G unlimited packs are ruling the show, newbies booster packs and combo recharges by Airtel are also getting a lot of footage.

The cheapest pack offers local and STD calls at 30 paise/minute for 56 days at a value of only Rs 8.

Another new booster plan for Rs 40 offers Rs 35 talk time with unlimited validity.

We also have the sweetest Airtel 4G prepaid plan in the list. A sweet little data reward for SIM upgrade, this plan offers 4GB 3G/ 4G data for 7 days at just Rs 5!Note that it’s a one-time-recharge offer and you can only avail this offer when you are upgrading to new Airtel 4G SIM.