6 Useful LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tips For Salespeople To Engage And Develop Relationships

The following are some useful tips to use LinkedIn sales navigator for salespeople. It has quickly become one of the fundamental tools for achieving success in the world of digital marketing.

With a Sales Navigator account, you can open doors to so many business opportunities by exploring many avenues across the platform. It was a much-needed development of the Business social media channel which always felt like it could be offering so much more.

Nobody really knew how to approach using Linkedin in the early years. It was a bit of a slow burner. It started to become a hipster alternative to facebook and twitter, and many business professionals would set up their profiles and start connecting with their friends and colleagues, but what did it actually achieve? Certainly nothing tangible other than a bit of a vanity flex for people starting their new role, with a fancy title.

But then things began to develop with a clearer and better structure. It was segmented for industries and there was a relevance for recruitment as well as lead generation and prospecting.

However, there were still various limitations and even with a LinkedIn premium account, the benefits barely stretched beyond notification of who is visiting your profile.

But the Sales Navigator has changed the landscape of the tool and now there is so much more opportunity and there is still so much more to come.  Here are some tips for getting the best from your account and maximising the scope of its potential for developing business and sales.

1. Upgrade Your Profile

With the sales navigator or premium account, you have more chances to get the attention of the people as your profile will be shown in the search and top results. Moreover, the premium accounts have bigger photos and better images that make them catchy for any person. When someone will search for something and if you match their search, there are more chances you will appear in the results. Upgrading profile is an essential for more prospects.

2. Download the Mobile App

For many reps, it not possible to be active all the time and use their computer. That is why the android and iOS app has been introduced for LinkedIn sales navigator. The app will make your work and life pretty easy as it allows you to do a lot of work, track leads, manage profiles, respond to messages, check the news and other items on your newsfeed without waiting to use the computer. The app makes things simple and can be really helpful in emergency cases when you don’t have access to the computer.

3. Integrate Sales Navigator with your CRM

LinkedIn has collaborated with a number of companies for CRM and it include Microsoft, Zoho, HubSpot and others. With a CRM, you will have a better idea and understanding of your day to day activities. You will not need to open separate web links to track down the lead and your performance. The CRM will be integrated to your account and will show the daily leads and activities. This will make your work very easy.

4. Target High Value Accounts

LinkedIn now makes it really easy when it comes to marketing and campaigns on the platform. You can target more potential prospects and relevant people with the new features and integration of better options. This empowers the users on LinkedIn to reach the better people who can be of good to them. Moreover, tracking sales as well as performance is simple and you will have an eye over the sale all the time around.

5. Connect with Former Customers

The salespeople can most out of LinkedIn sales navigator because it has been designed and launched for the salespeople to connect with customers and improve their interactions. The filters allow you to do comprehensive research, target certain people, miss out the irrelevant ones and even reach to the past customers. With these filters, you can reach to the former or past employees and customers. Their experience and exposure will be really helpful for you as a salesperson.

6. Use Search Features for Your Advantage

The LinkedIn filters are designed in a way that they give the maximum support and help to the salespeople. When it comes to connecting with individuals that align with your ideal client profile, the LinkedIn feature is very effective in this regard. The users should just know how they can make a great of all such features for their benefit and get maximum out of it.