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What To Look For In A Fleet Preventive Maintenance Software?

Simply designing and manufacturing a super cool vehicle model is not enough for you to retain your customers. If you want your automobile business to truly stand out from the other competitors then you need to offer something extra to your customers. This means, better maintenance, servicing and follow-up services. For automobile, irrespective of their durability and quality are bound to fall apart or go obsolete someday. Sudden damages, broken windows, flat tires, damages in the motor etc. are very common.

Accidents are inevitable, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t take precautionary measures to foresee and prevent it. With an effective fleet preventive maintenance software in place, you can take up steps to reduce the risks and losses considerably. Here is all you need to know about these amazing platforms;

Need for Fleet Maintenance Software

With fleet preventive maintenance software byChevin Fleet Solutions, companies can now keep a record of all your vehicle models in one place. This allows you multitask at a more efficient level, giving you an opportunity to monitor the cars and trucks from a single platform. You can now check for possible damages, system upgrades and repairs by a live tracking feature that gives you regular reports on the status of the vehicle.

Fleet maintenance is a wide and exhaustive sector and requires constant surveillance. Thanks to technology, you don’t have to keep these records manually. With a database that is in-exhaustive and extensive, you can store, retrieve, customize and tweak the vehicle details anytime you want.

Efficiency and User-friendliness

Fleet management platforms are considered to be an easy, intuitive and user-friendly space that can be accessed and customized without the need for coding. The app is enhanced for different screen sizes and devices, offering round the clock flexible surveillance of vehicles. Plus, because all your cars and trucks and vehicles are organized in one space, this makes it easier for developers to recover information. 

Design and Framework

The fleet maintenance software also comes with GPS integration which is installed in the vehicles. Also the driver of the vehicle is constantly in touch with the company. All his activities and the car’s movements are tracked by the fleet management software. This is a huge help for automobile companies that want to cut down their losses and optimize their resources.

The fleet maintenance software also has provisions for offering regular servicing, engine oil changes, adjustments, parts replacements and other services. It keeps an inventory of all the spare parts, tools and equipment that is needed for the maintenance of the vehicle. This makes things more organized and systematic around the department.

Security and Data Protection

Fleet maintenance software has a wide gamut of information about all the vehicles that the company has manufactured and dispatched. This information is widely available to developers, technical staff and authorized people who are approved by the company to access the data. The database is designed in a way that allows you to hide certain files and columns from a set of users. You can add password protections, data encryptions and other such security features on the database.

Also, fleet maintenance platforms usually come with a powerful anti-virus support and firewall, to keep the virus and malware infestations away. Investing in a fleet maintenance app is a very profitable investment as it offers several long-term and short-term benefits. With accurate and actionable vehicle upkeep options, you are also gaining the customer’s trust and loyalty.

Final thoughts

Increased customer satisfaction has a very positive impact on your reputation in the market, making you a credible and trustworthy brand name. Quite naturally, a fleet preventive maintenance software isn’t a choice, but a necessity for your automobile business.